Sunday, February 1, 2009

Monthly Mailbox

Since my book-accumulation disease shows no sign of letting up, I thought I would start posting my new additions each month. I did this for a while last year but then for some unknown reason, I stopped. Plus, I couldn't resist this picture! I would have liked to get a shot like this of Tanzy, but there is no way I would get her inside of a mailbox to pose for a picture. Most of my books from January are courtesy of Paperback Swap or SwapTree.

Vengence is Mine - Brandy Purdy (Anne Boley, Catherine Howard and Jane Rochford)
The Alexandrian - Martha Rofheart (Cleopatra)
My Lord John - Georgette Heyer (John, Duke of Bedford; brother to Henry V)
To Love a Queen - Lawrence Schoonover (Elizabeth I)
A Silver Mirror - Roberta Gellis (historical romance set during the regin of Henry III)
Sisters to the King - Maria Perry (non-fiction about Margaret and Mary Tudor)

This one I bought:
The Sisters Who Would be Queen - Leandra de Lisle (non-fiction about Lady Jane Grey and her sisters)


Dar said...

Oh my, what a cute picture! I love it. I have the same disease as you and I don't believe there's a cure so we might as well enjoy the books. Looks like you have some really good ones listed here.

Arleigh said...

I'll have to check back for your review of Vengeance is Mine. Since reading the biography on Jane (Parker) Boleyn I have been much more sympathetic to her. History has not been kind to her character.