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Weekly Wishlist - November 20, 2012

The Beggar King by Oliver Potzsch.  US and UK release January 8, 2013.

The third installment of the international best-selling Hangman's Daughter series.

1662: Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of a village in the Alps, receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him: her throat has been slit. When the city constable discovers Kuisl alongside the corpse she locks him in a dungeon, where Kuisl will experience first-hand the torture he's administered himself for years. As nightmares assail him, Kuisl can only hope to prevail on the Regensburg executioner to show mercy to a fellow hangman.

Kuisl's steely daughter, Magdalena, and her young doctor paramour, Simon, rush to Regensburg and try to save Jakob, enlisting an underground network of beggars, a beer-brewing monk, and an Italian playboy for help. Navigating the labyrinthine city, they learn there is much more behind the false accusation than a personal vendetta: there is a plan that will endanger the entire German Empire.

Chock-full of fascinating historical detail, The Beggar King brings to vibrant life another tremendous tale of an unlikely hangman and his tough-as-nails daughter, confirming Potzsch's mettle as a storyteller at the height of his powers.

Midnight in St. Petersburg by Vanora Bennett.  UK release April 11, 2013.

St Petersburg, 1911: Inna Feldman has fled the pogroms of her native Kiev to take refuge with distant relatives in Russia's capital city. Welcomed into the flamboyant Leman family, she is apprenticed into their violin-making workshop. With her looks and talents, she feels instantly at home in their bohemian circle of friends. But revolution is in the air and, as society begins to fracture, she is forced to choose between her heart and her head. She loves her brooding cousin, Yasha, but he is wild, destructive and bent on revolution; Horace Wallich, the Englishman who works for Faberge, is older and promises security and respectability. As the revolution descends into anarchy and blood-letting, a commission to repair a priceless Stradivarius violin offers Inna a means of escape. But will man will she choose to take with her? And is it already too late?

Hell or Richmond by Ralph Peters.  US release May 7, 2013.

New York Times bestselling author Ralph Peters returns with the sequel to his smash hit Cain at Gettysburg
Against the backdrop of the birth of modern warfare and the painful rebirth of the United States, New York Times bestselling novelist Ralph Peters has created a breathtaking narrative that surpasses the drama and intensity of his recent critically acclaimed novel, Cain at Gettysburg.

In Hell or Richmond, thirty days of ceaseless carnage are seen through the eyes of a compelling cast, from the Union’s Harvard-valedictorian “boy general,” Francis Channing Barlow, to the brawling “dirty boots” Rebel colonel, William C. Oates. From Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee to a simple laborer destined to win the Medal of Honor, Peters brings to life an enthralling array of leaders and simple soldiers from both North and South, fleshing out history with stunning, knowledgeable realism.

Ralph Peters brings to bear the lessons of his own military career, his lifelong study of this war and the men who fought it, and his skills as a bestselling, prizewinning novelist to portray horrific battles and sublime heroism as no other author has done.

Sold for Endless Rue by Madeline Robins.  I'm not sure if this is YA or not.  US release May 14, 2013.

This captivating historical answers the question, "Why did Rapunzel's mother lock her in the tower?"
After a blighted childhood, young Laura finds peace and purpose in the home of a midwife and healer. Later, she enrolls in Salerno's famed medical school—the first in the world to admit women. Laura and her adoptive mother hope that Laura can build a bridge between women's herbal healing and the new science of medicine developing in thirteenth century Italy.

The hardest lessons are those of love; Laura falls hard for a fellow student who abandons her for a wealthy wife. Worse, her mother rejects her as "impure." Shattered, Laura devotes herself to her work, becoming a respected medico. But her heart is still bitter, and when she sees a chance for revenge, she grabs it—and takes for her own Bieta, the newborn daughter of a woman whose husband regularly raided the physician's garden for bitter herbs to satisfy his pregnant wife's cravings.

Determined to protect her adored daughter from the ravages of the world, Laura isolates the young woman in a tower. Bieta, as determined as her mother, escapes, and finds adventure—and love—on the streets of Salerno.

Bieta's betrayal of her mother's love comes at a terrible price as lives are ruined and families are torn apart.  Laura's medical knowledge cannot heal her broken heart; only a great act of love can bring everyone forgiveness and peace.

The Twelve Children of Paris by Tim Willocks.  UK release May 23, 2013.

Paris, August 23rd, 1572.
What do you do when your wife disappears…
In the middle of the bloodiest massacre in European history…
And you know she is about to give birth to your only child?

Three wars of religion have turned Paris into a foetid cauldron of hatred, intrigue and corruption. The Royal Wedding, intended to heal the wounds, has served only to further poison the fanatics of either creed. But Carla could not have known that when she accepted an invitation to the ceremony.

When Mattias Tannhauser rides into town, on Saint Bartholomew’s Eve, his only intention is to find her and take her home. But as the massacre of tens of thousands of Huguenots begins, and the city plunges into anarchy, Carla is abducted by Grymonde, the grotesque gang leader of the Yards, and Tannhauser finds himself imprisoned in the Louvre, at the centre of a vicious conspiracy.

Wanted by the law, the assassins’ guild, and a militant army who call themselves the Pilgrims of Saint-Jacques, Tannhauser must rise to pitiless extremes even he has never known before. With no one to help him but a stable boy, he wades a river of blood without knowing what lies on the other side.
As he harrows Hell in search of his beloved
His destiny is changed forever by
The Twelve Children Of Paris

Tainted Angel by Anne Cleeland.  US and UK release June 1, 2013.

In the tradition of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Tainted Angel takes the reader on a fast-paced adventure in which it’s never quite clear who is outwitting whom.

One of the most beautiful courtesans in England is a brilliant spy, working for the Crown...or is she tainted, a double agent working for Napoleon? Carstairs—with whom she occasionally shares a bed—is a fellow spy... but he has his own dark secrets.

Tainted Angel offers up a delightful game of cat and mouse in which no one can be trusted and anyone can be tainted.

Sons of Zeus by Noble Smith.  US and UK release June 4, 2013.

A young fighter must save his city from a genocidal invasion in this debut that calls to mind the historical adventures of Steven Pressfield and Conn Iggulden.

Sons of Zeus launches an epic series set in 432 BC during the "Pearl Harbor" of the Ancient World—the treacherous sneak attack that started the bloody war between the democracy of Athens and the tyranny of Sparta. Between these superpowers sits the independent city-state of Plataea where the young Nikias dreams of glory in the Olympic games as he studies “the pankration”—the no-holds-barred ultimate fighting of the era.

An act of violence in defense of his beloved threatens to send Nikias into exile.  But before his trial can take place a traitor opens the city gates to a surprise attack force and the citizens are trapped inside their own fortress. As Nikias seeks to discover the identity of the man who betrayed the city, he makes a daring escape, gathers an army and leads this ragtag band into a suicidal battle at the gates of the citadel—a battle that will decide the fates of his family, his friends, and the girl he loves.
A richly detailed action-adventure, Sons of Zeus marks the start of a thrilling new series.

The Master of All Desires by Judith Merkle Riley.  US and UK reissue July 1, 2013.

Queen Catherine de Medici’s astrologer, the prophet Nostradamus, has divined a dreadful secret. The queen is trying to obtain the Undying Head of Menander—the Master of All Desires—in order to get rid of her husband’s mistress. But she does not understand that the Master, a living mummified head, is malice itself, twisting the wishes that he grants to bring destruction. The battle that ensues is set in a world where colorful court pageantry conceals a nation balanced on the brink of bloody civil war.

Sworn Sword by James Aitcheson.  US release August 1, 2013 (was released in the UK in 2011).

Less than three years after the Battle of Hastings, 2,000 Normans march to subdue the troublesome province of Northumbria. Tancred, an ambitious knight, is among them, hungry for battle. But at Durham, they are ambushed by English rebels and Tancred’s lord is slain as he barely escapes alive. Seeking vengeance for his lord’s murder, he becomes caught up in secret dealings between a powerful Norman magnate and a shadow from the past. As the Norman and English armies prepare to clash, Tancred uncovers a plot which harks back to Hastings itself. If successful, it threatens to destroy the entire conquest.

Robert the Bruce by Jack Whyte.  US and UK release August 6, 2013.

The second novel in Jack Whyte’s series, The Guardians, chronicling the lives of the three greatest heroes of Scottish history

Robert I, or as he is known to a grateful Scottish nation, Robert the Bruce, was one of Scotland’s greatest kings, as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation.  He spearheaded the valiant Scots in their quest for freedom, leading his people during the Wars of Scottish Independence against the Kingdom of England. His reign saw the recognition of Scotland as an independent nation, and today Bruce is remembered in Scotland as a national hero.

It was by no means a fair and easy road for this indomitable fighter. As a young man he saw the English king Edward I award the vacant Crown of Scotland to John Balliol. The nation quickly splintered into factions and this spurred Robert and his father to at first side with Edward and then against John, whom many of the nobles did not feel was the correct person to guide the nation. Thus began a decades-long path for Scottish freedom. To achieve this goal, Robert sometimes had to delicately balance the power of the nobles against the might of the English. He was a tireless campaigner and after a full life of battle and diplomacy, in May 1328, King Edward III signed the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton, which recognized Scotland as an independent kingdom and Bruce as its king.

A passionate man. An incredible warrior. And one of Scotland’s finest.  

The Outlaw Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick.  US reissue September 1, 2013.  (Previously released as Lords of the White Castle)

The New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Chadwick continues her tradition of gripping historical fiction with this tale of honor, treachery, and love spanning the turbulent reigns of four great medieval kings.

Fulke FitzWarin has played many roles—loyal knight, dangerous outlaw, dashing lover, loyal husband. But when a violent quarrel with King John disrupts Fulke’s ambition to become Lord of his own castle, his true character as a valiant hero is revealed.

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