Sunday, December 29, 2013

13 on 2013

1.       I only read 22 books this year – little more than half as many as last year.   My new job and the loss of my 45 minute (each way) daily Metro commute really cut into my reading time.

2.       Only four of those were 4 – 5 stars:  The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick; The Duchess of Milan by Michael Ennis; The Conquest by Elizabeth Chadwick; and The Chalice by Nancy Bilyeau (review here).  More thoughts on the rest in a few weeks.

3.       I read a lot of 3 star and rather mediocre books this year.  Although at least half of those were old, out of print books and sometimes it doesn’t seem fair to compare them to more recent releases, the fact that only about half were OOP makes me think otherwise.

4.       I buy too many books - this year I added at least 38 books to my collection.  I say “at least” since I’m terrible at tracking the ones on my kindle.  I’m sure there’s more…

5.       To accommodate the continued addition of physical books (most OOPs), hubby built me a couple of leaning bookshelves to go with the bookcase he built me a few years ago.

6.  Within 24 hours it was full - mostly from the boxes of books that I never unpacked after we moved from Denver.  We lost a shelf somewhere in all the moves and once it was replaced it's also full.  Did I mention I buy too many books??

7.     In looking through upcoming fiction releases there doesn’t seem to be as many based on the lives of real people – what I’ve seen some call “biographical fiction”.  I rather like that term to distinguish novels about historical figures from the broader historical fiction books that are set in the past with mostly made up characters.
8.       The Tudor book trend seems to be coming to an end.  There are still a few but not nearly as many as there were a few years ago.  The Battle of Hastings seems to be a popular time period right now.
9.       I haven't had time to make bookmarks since I started my new job.  I miss it and am thinking about doing them again – just probably not one a month.
10.   I’ve been watching a lot of historical documentaries and movies.  I’m a sucker for anything related to history and there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there.  Hubby bought me a Chromecast for Christmas so I can watch a lot of online stuff on a TV screen.  It seems to work pretty good so far.
11.   I love my Kindle.  I’ll admit to being skeptical when I bought it a little over a year ago, but I’m a believer.  Even got hubby to try it and he liked it so much that he bought me a new one (he took the “old” one).

12. The drama on Goodreads and Facebook over books and history really blows my mind.  It's often over the top and ridiculous, but it's also like a car accident.  I can't help but watch...

13.  Goals for 2014:  Read what I want when I want and try to read more of what I already own.
       And buy fewer books.  Does anyone believe that's ever going to happen?... after all, I'm married to someone who will build me awesome bookcases!

Here's to 2014!


Kailana said...

I had a quiet reading year, too. I am not even sure why, it just kind of happened. I also buy WAY too many books. Add that to a slow reading year and my TBR pile is the worst it has ever been even with a couple purges... And that doesn't count e-books! Good luck on your reading goals in 2014.

Melissa @ Confessions of an Avid Reader said...

Nice to see you posting again, Daphne! I've missed your reviews...especially since you often have the exact same views as I do on books :-)

I have to say that I love my Kindle Paperwhite (and my Kobo Aura HD), even though, like you, I was against them when they first came out. Now I can't live without them.

I read over 100 books this year for the first time ever, but next year I fully expect that number to drop back down to my average of 75.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you in 2014!

Tara from Maryland said...

Great to hear from you again; I've missed your reviews. I am so very jealous of the bookshelves...I now have a section that's a few feet wide and four rows deep of TBR in my living room...and too many more to count along the bedroom wall. Luckily, my husband is tolerant.

I also read far too many unremarkable books this year...with the exception of the WONDERFUL Queen's Gambit, Cain at Gettysburg, and The Painted Girls. I'm below last year's "books read" total by almost 30 books, too. Hoping for a rebound in '14.